A painting from a photgraph by a couple who are long-time ranchers, stalwart patriots, and dear friends who live near Tilden, Texas. From time to time they send me images of life on a Texas ranch to feed my curiosity and to source my interest in every day subjects for paintings.

They have also been good patrons of my art, so thinking I'd be clever, I painted a represenation of the livestock in the photo, as a surprise offer. With the painting finished and my pride on my sleeve, I showed them an image of the painting. We chatted casually and though they were customarily complimentary of my work, I learned, that the image was just a quick, chance photo of their neighbor's cattle. We had a good laugh. The painting adorns our living room in Virginia and every now and then it generates a smile and a fun memory of good friends.

Brahman Cattle, Tilden Texas
Brahman Cattle, Tilden Texas
oil on canvas
two panels, 36" x 60"